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Flexible shielded net, shielded mesh is woven with a stainless steel ring mesh belt, can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, and achieved good microwave shielding effect, and other metal mesh plate, metal mesh, woven mesh compared to tensile, Higher strength.
Choke slot shrapnel, microwave heating asphalt pavement integrated maintenance of the shielding system, in addition to the microwave heating device around the use of flexible shield chain network, but also in the metal chain on the inside of the choke with a shrapnel for protection. The choke taper has the effect of guiding the microwave inversion phase. At the entrance of the choke tank, the microwave is canceled by the reverse reflection wave to achieve the purpose of microwave shielding.Road Repair Machines
Heating wall four corner limit switch and microwave heating system switch interlocking
When the limit switch to detect the microwave heating wall is not accurate into the work device or motion caused by the wrong action caused by microwave heating wall location anomalies, microwave heating system limit switch interlock design constraints will automatically power off, stop heating. So as to ensure that in the abnormal working conditions will not produce microwave leakage, and further ensure that the microwave heating asphalt pavement integrated maintenance of the use of safety.
Microwave leakage automatic detection. Microwave curing car around the heating wall is equipped with microwave leak detection device to detect the size of the leakage when the heating wall work, if abnormal, alarm or direct shutdown, to avoid abnormal leakage of excessive circumstances.
Through the above description and field test analysis, we can see that the microwave heating integrated maintenance car to fully meet the requirements of highway asphalt pavement maintenance, microwave heating and traditional thermal radiation heating technology has a great advantage, so this technology has more Good promotion and application prospects.
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