Principle of microwave heating

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Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave, the wavelength is very short, the frequency is very high, generally in the 300 ~ 300000MHz, when the microwave frequency to 2450 MHz work, can lead the heated object polar molecules to the same frequency back and forth swing, friction, Each other in the process of friction to produce heat, so as to pass the heat to the heated objects, to achieve the purpose of heating objects. Microwave heating repair car using the principle of microwave heating on the disease asphalt pavement on-site heating. The use of microwave heating fast, uniform and other characteristics of the asphalt concrete in situ heat regeneration, to avoid the shortcomings of the traditional way, asphalt pavement microwave curing equipment on the disease road surface microwave, directly on the asphalt pavement as a whole, lossless, medium heating (non-heat conduction heating ) Asphalt heat regeneration.Road Repair Equipment - Doan Machinery
Application of microwave integrated maintenance vehicle in highway asphalt pavement repair. In order to further verify the practical effect of microwave heating integrated maintenance vehicle. Witt company in the Xiamen high-speed site on the road pit repair test.
Test equipment introduced, the test equipment used for the Witt company produced WT5164TYHB microwave heating integrated maintenance vehicles. The equipment for the pit of the heating method for the microwave continuous heating, heating plate effective heating area of ​​2M2, can be divided into two independent control of heating.
Low cost of use According to the calculated data and the actual use of data calculation, microwave heating maintenance vehicle repair road cost of 200.89 yuan / M2, and heat radiation heating integrated maintenance vehicle repair road costs 217.43 yuan / M2. The cost of repairing pavement by microwave heating and maintenance vehicles is 16.54 yuan / M2 lower than that of thermal radiation heating and maintenance vehicles. So from the long-term interests point of view, the use of microwave heating and maintenance vehicles can save more money for maintenance.
Microwave heating asphalt pavement integrated maintenance of microwave shielding the use of protective measures, microwave curing vehicles in recent years has been widely used in high-grade asphalt pavement maintenance, and achieved good social and economic benefits. But the leakage of microwave equipment on the use of equipment has always been people are worried about the problem. Witt company's microwave maintenance vehicles mainly take the following measures to shield the microwave, effectively prevent microwave leakage.
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