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The RMAH is really what killed the game. Not due to a spirit of monotization I mean I play League of Legends I cant use that argument but due to the game being balanced around the RMAH.

The games core is the RMAH and every aspect of it is balanced around it existance. How and where loot drops are not game play choices but AH choices. If you have loot drop off a boss vs loot drop from grinding whole zones of mobs you change the dynamic of the game the loot becomes more predictable and so less stress is put on the player to purchase "starting loot" to complete HF/Inferno.

The scarcity of loot, bosses only dropping loot once, the need to have MF vs the choice to have MF. Which then acted as a method to trap the player into either not having the gear to do the higher levels or not having the stats to stay alive while finding the gear. I think a poor holdover from the current age of WoW raiding also impacted this where they balance around a player with gear X instead of balancing around a player with skill X and allowing for an easier time when they aquire gear on the level they fighting in.

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