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Anti-cracking paste is a roll-type split waterproof membrane, which is 2mm thick polymer waterproof film coated on 0.3mm thick anti-wrinkle anti-heavy-duty polypropylene material, the stringent process with the rolling together. Self-blocking interlayer anti-cracking, waterproof material. This structure is now on the road alone the use of geosynthetics, stress absorbing layer materials, such as several anti-cracking, waterproof combination of organic combination, is the current road between the anti-cracking, waterproof material to optimize the combination of upgraded products.
Anti-cracking main performance: isolation. Anti-cracking paste, the cracking of the surface layer and the asphalt surface isolation, to avoid the cracking surface and the asphalt surface of the direct contact, the grass-roots cracks tensile stress can not be directly transmitted to the asphalt concrete surface layer, although the reduction between the grass and surface Binding force, but the polymer anti-cracking paste can make the upper and lower layers of a good adhesion into a whole,Road Repair Machines
together bear the role of vehicle load, enough to prevent the relative displacement of the upper and lower layers and maintain a continuous; Anti-cracking paste with a certain strength, can withstand a certain amount of crack tensile stress, when the crack tensile stress increases and greater than the anti-cracking of the tensile strength, anti-cracking paste began to deformation, then the layer began to withstand anti- Up the tensile stress. Anti-cracking layer will bear all the cracks in the tensile stress, it is clear that anti-cracking paste to enhance the role, in this sense, it improves the pavement layer of the tensile strength; energy consumption buffer effect. Anti-cracking paste is a certain extension of the material, the polymer has a good low temperature flexibility, laying in the asphalt pavement layer, the equivalent of a set of elastic layer, the base layer of crack stress through the anti-crack paste polymer extended to A wider range, so as to ease the stress at the crack, the elastic layer can play a part of the role of absorption of tensile energy; Anti-cracking paste can form a complete water impermeable layer, can be separated from the pavement water infiltration to the roadbed, so as to protect the strength of the grassroots, so that the nature of the base material will not further deteriorate. Anti-cracking paste for asphalt pavement layer can effectively inhibit the crack up, in the actual project to play anti-cracking paste anti-cracking effect and energy absorption.
Anti-cracking paste as a high-quality thermal polymerization sealing material, water resistance, anti-aging properties are also very good, compared with the traditional irrigation materials, convenient and durable, environmentally friendly energy saving, can effectively extend the conservation cycle.
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