Pavement flatness repair machine

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To achieve the above objectives, the applicant through research and practice, to achieve the road surface roughness repair machine specific technical solutions:
A road surface flatness repair machine comprising a power supply and a traction mechanism, characterized by further comprising: a side that is provided on the left and right sides of the road surface on the traction mechanism and which can be moved longitudinally along the road surface A frame-shaped frame and a longitudinal track provided on the left and right side rails of the frame-shaped frame; and rolling through the longitudinal rails on the seat frame by the rails on the lower four corners, And a transverse track provided above the beams on both sides of the front and rear sides of the frame; and a rolling wheel connected to the transverse rails on the frame by means of a track wheel on the four corners of the frame,Road Sealing Machine - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery
A frame-shaped small frame which is moved in the track; a regulating plate which is provided below the small frame, the front side is hinged with the lower end of the front and rear sides of the small frame, and the rear side is fixedly connected with the lifting device of the rear frame, A cylindrical cutter row driving motor and a lower cylindrical cutter row provided on the upper surface of the adjusting plate, the driving motor driving the cylindrical cutting wheel by the transmission mechanism to rotate the cutting ground; and a height sensor provided before and after the cylindrical cutter row. And a coolant nozzle having a cylindrical row is provided on the front and rear of the cylindrical row. In the above-described road surface flatness repairing machine, the trolley provided on the lateral rails on both sides of the frame can be moved laterally along the track, and the frame can be moved longitudinally on the longitudinal track of the yoke. In this way, the cylindrical row underneath the car can come into contact with all the pavement across the road frame, and it is possible to trim the road surface. The height of the cylindrical row can be adjusted by means of the lifting device provided on the trolley. The work is adjusted by the height sensor before and after the column, so that the road can be trimmed according to the road surface and reach the road requirements. In the cylindrical knife row rotation of the ground generated by the process of heat generated in the front and rear of the coolant nozzle will be sprayed with its coolant, so that the knife row cooling, protection knife row and improve work efficiency. Will be a strong way to promote a new level of highway engineering.
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