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We in the selection of floor tiles except when required according to the decoration style and personal preferences, but also should pay attention to the following points:
1, taken from FCL to any one, to see if the surface is flat, in good condition; glazed is uniform, shiny, no spots, and whether the lack of glaze bump phenomenon; whether structured around the edge.

2. Remove the two are aligned at random, observed two bricks at the junction, the smaller the gap, the better. If it is a group of four brick pattern, you should check whether convergence brick pattern, clear. Then a box of bricks removed all put together, watching from a distance without color.

3, check the size of the tiles are the same length, width and thickness, including brick small brick deviation allowed within plus or minus 1 mm, the large brick allowed within plus or minus 2 millimeters.wood plastic composite,Fence,Wall Board

4, if the tap brick sound crisp, loud, indicating good quality bricks, burned cooked; If the sound is abnormal, indicating a double skin brickwork or crack phenomenon: Heavy Leather is when the brick molding material in the air is not discharged, causing material good bond between the material and the inner crack, the surface does not come out, and only listen to the sound to identify.High Quality Ecological Wood Plastic Railing Seller

5, take the knife or the keys on the ground tile surface force planning, if there is no trace, showing floor tiles is more wear-resistant.

6, the water droplets in the back of the tile, after watching the speed of infiltration of water spread out, in general, the slower the water, indicating that the tile density, the better the quality; on the contrary, the faster the water, indicating a sparse density, its quality is not as good former.

7, brick surface drop of ink (if it is polished, we first have to wipe the surface of the wax with steel balls), wipe clean after 10 minutes, if you can completely clean, prove good tolerance capability.Pressure Treated Landscape Wood Composite External Floor

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