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Looking through the Diablo 3 item database, one can find a plethora of items which are making a comeback from diablo 3 paragon leveling the previous games along with lots of new additions to the roster. Today I will show off a couple of some comebacks and hidden reference items which I have uncovered in my scouring of the item database.

There is the Three Hundredth Spear is a legendary weapon referring to the movie 300 and the historical battle of Thermopylae which the film is loosely based on. The Monster Hunter blade is a reference to the video game series which goes by the same name. Maximus seems to be a reference to the film Gladiator where Russell Crowe plays the lead character General Maximus Decimus Meridius. Etrayu is a legendary bow refereeing to the character from Never ending Story, which is also backed upo by its flavor text.

Another particularly interesting item found by myself today in the Diablo 3 item database is the monk's legendary fist weapon known as Logan's Claw. This is an obvious reference to the X Men, in particular Wolverine whose real name is known as Logan. Besides the name reference, the fist weapon looks exactly like Wolverine's claws if they were molded into a handheld weapon versus the blades being embedded in the skin. Many of the legendary weapons have various pictures situated behind the weapon icons, with this one in particular bubbling green blob of acid. While even the page says the design is still in progress, not to mention the game won't be out for another 2 weeks, I find it likely to mean that this weapon will deal a significant amount of poison damage or have some sort of poison or acid effect.

Two weapon notable for their return from the previous game is Azurewrath, the legendary blade of the angel Izual and the Gidbinn, the legendary dagger you have to find in one of the quests in Act III of Diablo 2. Azurewrath stands out due to its now far more powerful status versus its previous incarnation, which left much to be desired as a low level legendary that didn't quite stand up to its lore potential, something which seems to have changed. The Gidbinn has been upgraded as well, being legendary in color only in Diablo 2 since it was mainly used for a quest, the dagger know has very strong stats (from what's been released so far) that seem to hint at a powerful comeback for the under appreciated dagger.

Self employed artist, entrepreneur and all around crazy person. Yes that is my job title. These items are worn during the last year of high school.
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